Did you know...

of all renewable energy in the Netherlands is produced with the help of dairy farmers

Did you know...

FrieslandCampina member dairy farmers generate renewable energy

Did you know...

Dutch land area is managed by our member dairy farmers

Sources of green electricity

Solar power from farm roofs

FrieslandCampina dairy farms have giant roofs with millions of square meters that are suitable for solar panels. Solar panels convert sunshine into renewable electricity: solar energy. Already more than 3000 FrieslandCampina member dairy farmers produce solar energy on their rooftops. FrieslandCampina is proud of all these solar roofs and encourages member farmers to install even more solar panels. FrieslandCampina does this through the Solar programme, which makes it easier for member dairy farmers to purchase solar panels or rent out their roofs to professional solar power producers. Together with the dairy farmers FrieslandCampina uses the solar energy to further raise the sustainability level across the dairy chain.

Wind energy from farm lands

The green meadows of FrieslandCampina member dairy farmers provide space for cows and also catch a lot of wind. Therefore this open landscape is very well suited for windmills. These are in particular installed in coastal areas because of the high wind speeds. Dairy farmers can choose between various types of windmills. The large windmills are typically 80 meters in hub height and these produce electricity for up to 1,000 households. Small windmills with a hub height of 15 metres generate enough electricity for a dairy farm’s own use. The FrieslandCampina Wind Programme focuses on the roll-out of these small windmills. Together with the dairy farmers FrieslandCampina uses the wind energy to further raise the sustainability level across the dairy chain.

Biogas from cow manure

Biogas is produced via digestion of biomass. Member dairy farmers of FrieslandCampina have lots of cow manure, which can serve as feed for a digester. In a digester organic matter is converted into biogas by bacteria. When only cow manure is fed to the digester the process it is called mono-manure digestion. When also other materials, such as crop residues, are put into the digester it is called co digestion. FrieslandCampina is the founder of the Jumpstart cooperative, which stands for profitable generation of green energy from cow manure. The biogas can be upgraded to natural gas standards or it can be converted into electricity and heat. FrieslandCampina and his member farmers use both applications to improve sustainability across the dairy chain.

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